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Vorlon Space

You are approaching Vorlon Space. The Vorlons are a very secretive people, so you better have a good reason for entering. We've managed to squeeze some access out of them for you, so enter at your own risk. Please keep your hands and feet inside the ship at all times, and don't litter.

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  • Many of the ex-Avatars maintain excellent web sites devoted (at least partially) to the B5 CCG. Check out
    • The official Babylon 5 CCG trading site is in full operation. It's the best place to find the cards you need.
    • Piotr Konieczny has graciously contributed his B5 checklist spreadsheets in both OpenOffice and Excel formats.
    • The players' e-mail list
    • Since Mark Farbus' system appears to be unavailable, you can download a copy of his deck builder [ 23M] here.
    • A set of additional data files for Mark Farbus' B5 deck builder has been assembled by Dave Sisson to handle the Crusade cards, and can be found here [271K].
    • Adam Buettner has put together a nice site with strategy tips and fun decks.
    • Epsilon 3 is the new comprehensive strategy guide for the B5CCG.
    • Doug Williamson's B5 web site has all the latest information.
    • Grant Neufeld has a very nice site with a very comprehensive, searchable database and some interesting alternate rules.
    • Try the new B5 message board.
    • Dylan Northrup has a fine site, with card listings in almost any form you might think of (and some you probably might not).
    • The German Avatars have set up a nice site for Precedence games in Germany.
    • Cardgames in the Netherlands has a lot of gaming links.

  • Precedence also made other fine games...
    • The Rifts CCG transforms Palladium's role-playing game into a fast-paced CCG.
    • The Wheel of Time CCG brings the Robert Jordan series to life!
    • The Star Legions CMG was going to be Precedence's first foray into the collectable miniatures market.
    • The Tomb Raider CCG brings the video game to your gaming table.

  • Resources for Avatars

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