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The Babylon 5
Collectible Card Game
Collector's Set

The Collector's Set (formerly solicited as the Masterpiece Collection) has been a long time in the making, and it's changed a lot over that time. The new suggested price is $24.95. The results are a nice set of 12 foil cards. The entire set will be packaged in a shrink-wrapped wrap-around cover folder. Note: these cards are very powerful, and may not be used in Constructed Deck tournaments.

Note May 23, 2001:
Though the set is officially at the printer and will be available soon, Precedence has announced that the previously approved poster will not be available. The price has been reduced to $24.95 to compensate for this loss.

Note June 04, 2001:
Precedence has just been informed by Warner Brothers that they will not be renewing existing Babylon 5 licenses for any company until further notice, possibly indefinitely. Precedence has also been given a cease, desist and disposal order, which means that Precedence is, effective immediately, not legally able to sell, design, produce, or ship any Babylon 5 CCG product; all inventory in the warehouse and at the print house (this includes the entirety of the almost-released Collector's Set) must also be disposed of.

The cards include

Three "Ultimate Upgrades" character cards:
  • Delenn the Legend
  • G'Kar the Prophet
  • Emperor Mollari
One "Prequel" character card depicting Sheridan before the show began:
  • Sheridan Starkiller
Additional cards depicting characters and situations from the show so powerful that they could not be turned into normal cards:
  • Valen
  • Thirdspace
  • Destroy Babylon 5
  • Transcendence
  • The Great Maker
  • Babylon 4
  • Doomsday Weapon
  • The Family Zathras

The cards

Babylon 4 Babylon 4
Intrigue Conflict
Unique. If successful, each player who did not provide opposition to this conflict may place his hand back in his deck, remove up to 10 cards from his deck, add up to 10 cards to his deck from outside the game, and select a new hand of 5 cards of his choice. (He must shuffle his deck afterwards.)
Delenn the Legend Delenn the Legend
Minbari Character
Religious Caste. Must replace any version of Delenn you control who has a printed Diplomacy of 8 or higher, transferring any attached cards and marks you choose. Whenever a mark is purged from Delenn the Legend, she may immediately gain a mark of that type. Rotate to remove a card attached to any version of John Sheridan.
Destroy Babylon 5 Destroy Babylon 5
Military Conflict
This conflict has automatic opposition at resolution equal to five times Babylon 5's influence. If successful, permanently reduce Babylon 5 influence to zero, raise all tensions by 1, and remove all Babylon 5 Aftermaths, Enhancements, and Fleets from the game. For the rest of this game no Babylon 5 votes may be called and no tension may fall below 2.
Doomsday Weapon Doomsday Weapon
Character Enhancement
Irrevocable. Target a Neutral Character or Vorlon Character with a printed Psi of 15 or higher. Rotate the target as an action to rotate all characters with a base Psi of zero for no effect, except for ambassadors, ambassadors' assistants, and those with Destiny Marks.
Emperor Mollari Emperor Mollari
Centauri Character
Centauri Emperor. Cannot be blanked. Must replace your Prime Minister Mollari, transferring any attached cards and marks you choose. Rotate to gain +1 power. You cannot score a Standard Victory.
G'Kar the Prophet G'Kar the Prophet
Narn Character
Member of the Kha'Ri. Must replace G'Kar Enlightened, transferring any attached cards and marks you choose. Rotate G'Kar the Prophet: Narn characters you control cannot be attacked while he remains rotated. (This action cannot be sustained.)
Sheridan Starkiller Sheridan Starkiller
Human Character
May be replaced by John Sheridan, transferring all attached cards and marks. If a fleet led by Sheridan Starkiller is neutralized during an attack, the fleet that attacked or was attacked by it is automatically neutralized, but Sheridan Starkiller is not.
The Family Zathras The Family Zathras
Must be sponsored by a Zathras character. Each Zathras Character in play has +1 to each of his non-zero abilities for each Zathras Character in play, not including himself. Rotate to take all Zathras cards in your discard pile and place them in your hand. When you replace a Zathras character you control and do not return him to your hand, place him in your discard pile instead.
The Great Maker The Great Maker
Irrevocable. Select 1 card of your choice from outside the game and place that card in your hand. Each player may play this card only once per game.
Thirdspace Thirdspace
Intrigue and Military Conflict
Unique. Irrevocable. Apply 10 influence when you first intiate Thirdspace. This conflict has 10 automatic support for each player in the game. If successful, this conflict re-initiates independently each turn until it loses. Each turn this conflict is successful, each player loses 1 influence and this card gains a token for each player still in the game. If, at any time, a faction has less influence than the number of tokens on Thirdspace, it is eliminated.
Transcendence Transcendence
Major Agenda
You must have at least 20 influence to play this agenda. Count your Destiny Marks, Shadow Marks, and Vorlon Marks as power. Ignore any effect that would require you to only count your influence as power. If you have more power than any other player, you score a Major Victory. Rotate to discard a target (non-irrevocable) enhancement.
Valen Valen
Won Participant Aftermath
Unique. Play on the Babylon 4 Conflict if your non-ambassador Ranger One supported it. Reduce Shadow influence by one third, remove Ranger One from the game, discard all Shadow Fleets, and reduce Human-Minbari tensions by 1. Search your deck, take one Vorlon Character into your hand, and play it for free. (Discard this Aftermath after play.)

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