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The Babylon 5
Collectible Card Game

If you're looking for lists of cards, you've come to the right place. You have lots of choices for how the lists are formatted - pick one. These lists include all the officially released cards in each set including the promo cards. You can choose to look at Premier cards, Shadows cards, Deluxe cards, Great War cards, Psi Corps cards, Severed Dreams cards, Wheel of Fire cards, Crusade cards, everything, or nothing. Each breakdown also details the makeup of the set by rarity, and has links to the card gallery.

All non-promo images in all galleries have JPEGs generated directly from the source art except Premier (and one image from Shadows). All promo cards and all Premier cards are currently scans.

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  • All cards by name.
  • All cards by type.
  • All cards by rarity.
  • Booster packs contain 8 cards: 1 "fixed", 4 common, 2 uncommon, and 1 rare.
  • The entire set consists of
    • 85 "fixed" cards (70 F1, 15 F2)
    • 100 common cards (all C2)
    • 100 uncommon cards (all U2)
    • 97 rare cards (4 R1, 83 R2, 10 R3)
      A note regarding the R1 cards. These were unintentional R1s. On the Deluxe Rare press sheet, there were actually two different versions of As It Was Meant to Be (one is an Agenda, and the other (correct) card is a Major Agenda) and Power Posturing (one of the cards has the game text from Covert Allies).
    • 3 promo cards

Great War

Psi Corps

Severed Dreams

Wheel of Fire


  • All cards by name.
  • All cards by type.
  • All cards by rarity.
  • This expansion is scheduled to be released in October 2000.
  • Booster packs contain 9 cards: 5 common, 3 uncommon, and 1 rare.
  • The entire set consists of
    • 50 common cards (all C2)
    • 50 uncommon cards (all U2)
    • 59 rare cards (41 R2, 18 R1)
      A note regarding the R1 cards. 14 of the 18 R1 cards are "costume change" versions of the main characters: the only differences are whether they have the old or new uniforms, and the caption. Effect text and all play elements are identical. Therefore, you could consider them to be R2 rares for game play purposes, but as R1s for collector purposes.
    • 5 promo cards

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