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Babylon 5 CCG Promo Cards

Here, you'll find the card text and scans for all of the Babylon 5 CCG promos. You can access the full scans by clicking on the thumbnail images or the links. If the name of the card appears in white, it means I don't have the card scanned (yet). You can check out the lists of Signed and Special cards, or promo cards from the Premier, Shadows, Deluxe, Great War, Psi Corps, Severed Dreams, Wheel of Fire, Crusade series, everything, or nothing. To find out the sources of the cards, check out Doug Williamson's B5 web site.

Special Cards and Signed Cards (20 cards)

The signed cards listed here are the "official" signed cards from the B5 CCG sets. You may find others that have been signed at various conventions, but these are the ones issued by Precedence as part of the collection. There are ways to authenticate all of these cards, but those secrets can not be revealed here... Note that since the actors get some of these cards unsigned (to do with as they will), you can get them signed. They will be the same card, but without the Precedence imprint. (Delenn Transformed and most Na'Toth variant cards have no imprint.)

Note that in some cases, the promo version of a character will differ from the standard version. In all cases (except the Na'Toth variant), the wording on the standard version takes precedence.

Alfred Bester Alfred Bester
Human Character (signed by Walter Koenig)
Psi Corps Expansion
Psi Corps Character. Psi Cop. May not be sponsored. You may replace Bester with Alfred Bester if you have 5 Conspiracy Marks. Transfer all enhancements, contingencies, aftermaths, and marks. Rotate Alfred Bester instead of initiating any conflicts during the Conflict Round to search through your deck and initiate the first conflict you find. If that conflict cannot be viably initiated, discard it and you initiate no conflicts this turn. Shuffle your deck afterwards.
Byron Byron
Neutral Character (signed by Robin Atkin Downes)
Psi Corps Expansion
Byron cannot become a Psi Corps character. No faction with a Psi Cop can sponsor Byron, and Byron's faction cannot sponsor Psi Cops. While supporting a conflict, other characters supporting the same conflict suffer half damage when attacked. While opposing a conflict, other characters opposing the same conflict suffer half damage when attacked.
Captain Sinclair Captain Sinclair
Human Character (signed by Michael O'Hare)
Severed Dreams Expansion
Apply 11 influence to replace Jeffrey Sinclair, transferring all attached cards and marks. Rotate Captain Sinclair and choose a conflict that targets a player other than its initiator. Apply opposition to the conflict equal to Babylon 5's influence. Captain Sinclair gains +1 damage resistance for each of his Destiny Marks and Vorlon Marks.
Commander Ivanova Commander Ivanova
Human Character (signed by Claudia Christian)
Deluxe Edition
Human Ambassador's Assistant. Must replace Susan Ivanova. Transfer all Aftermaths and Enhancements. Rotate to give any Human character +1 Leadership for the rest of the turn.
Delenn Transformed Delenn Transformed
Minbari Character (signed by Mira Furlan)
Premier Edition
Religious Caste. You may sponsor characters from other races at -2 cost. The Chrysalis event is required to bring Delenn Transformed into play.
Doctor Sheridan Doctor Sheridan
Human Character (signed by Melissa Gilbert-Boxleitner)
Wheel of Fire Expansion
May be replaced by Anna Sheridan. Rotate Doctor Sheridan, target a location in another player's discard pile, and pay that location's cost to sponsor it to your supporting row. Rotate Doctor Sheridan and target a non-homeworld location you control that is loyal to another race to allow you to use its game text for the rest of this turn as if it was loyal to your race.
Dr. Sarah Chambers Dr. Sarah Chambers
Human Character (signed by Marjean Holden)
Crusade Expansion
Crusade. Any ISA Member may sponsor Dr. Sarah Chambers at normal cost. Rotate Dr. Sarah Chambers and target a conflict. When your participants in that conflict are attacked, they take 1 less damage. Or rotate Dr. Sarah Chambers to remove all damage or 1 severe damage from a character, or to unneutralize a neutralized character who has no severe damage tokens.
Dureena Nafeel Dureena Nafeel
Human Character (signed by Carrie Dobro)
Crusade Expansion
Crusade. Legacy. Cannot be blanked. Rotate Dureena Nafeel and target another player whose discard pile contains an event or contingency that has the text "gain +1 influence" but not the text "less than 10". Remove that event or contingency from play; the target loses 3 influence. While in play, any player may apply 10 influence or discard Dureena Nafeel from his hand as an action to gain control of this character for the rest of the turn.
Galen Galen
Human Character (signed by Peter Woodward)
Crusade Expansion
Techno-Mage. Crusade. Legacy. Once per turn, as an action, you may place a card from your hand underneath Galen. When attacked, or at resolution of a conflict, you may discard all of these cards to give Galen +2 to one ability of your choice for every card thus discarded.
Jane Jane
Neutral Character (signed by Maggie Egan)
Severed Dreams Expansion
Media. Jane gains +2 Diplomacy while poarticipating in a Media conflict.
Lieutenant Corwin Lieutenant Corwin
Human Character (signed by Joshua Cox)
Wheel of Fire Expansion
May replace Lt. David Corwin, transferring all attached cards and marks. Rotate Lieutenant Corwin and target one of your Inner Circle characters to either give that character +1 Diplomacy, Intrigue, and Leadership while Lieutenant Corwin remains rotated, or to allow the character, later this turn, to apply 1 influence less than usual when sponsoring a card.
Lyta Empowered Lyta Empowered
Vorlon Character (signed by Patricia Tallman)
Great War Expansion
Requires 3 Vorlon Marks to enter play. May replace Lyta Alexander. Lyta Alexander is discarded and cannot reenter play. Any player may apply an even amount of influence. Lyta gains or loses (that player's choice) half that amount of Psi for the rest of the turn.
Max Eilerson Max Eilerson
Human Character (signed by David Allen Brooks)
Crusade Expansion
Corporate. Crusade. Explorer. Max Eilerson may sponsor enhancements as if he were a member of every race. Max Eilerson may have enhancements target him as if he were a member of every race.
Mr. Morden Mr. Morden
Neutral Character (signed by Ed Wasser)
Shadows Expansion
May not be sponsored. Must replace Morden, transferring all aftermaths and enhancements. Mr. Morden gains +1 Intrigue for each Shadow Mark he has. Each turn, every player may spend an additional amount of influence equal to the number of Shadow Marks they have. This influence can only be spent to bring into play cards which require Shadow marks.
Na'Toth (variant) Na'Toth (variant)
Narn Character (signed by Julie Caitlin Brown)
Premier Edition
Narn Ambassador's Assistant. Na'Toth may replace Ko'Dath. Any fleet gains a Strife Mark while it is led by Na'Toth.
President Sheridan President Sheridan
Human Character (signed by Bruce Boxleitner)
Wheel of Fire Expansion
Must either: replace Sheridan Reborn; or replace John Sheridan if he has 9 or more Destiny Marks. Transfer all attached cards and marks. President Sheridan may use all game text of the character he replaces as if he was that character. President Sheridan may sponsor any Centauri, Minbari, Narn, or Non-Aligned card at normal cost, unless his race is at war with that race. May not be attacked by any character with Vorlon or Shadow marks.
Prime Minister Mollari Prime Minister Mollari
Centauri Character (signed by Peter Jurasik)
Great War Expansion
Apply 14 influence to replace Londo or Lord Mollari. Transfer all marks, aftermaths and enhancements. Purge all your Shadow Marks. The Shadows lose 1 Influence and Mollari gains +1 Diplomacy for each mark purged. Remove from play all cards you control which provide or require Shadow Marks, including any Major Agenda. Your faction cannot gain any Shadow Marks.
Ranger Lennier Ranger Lennier
Minbari Character (signed by Bill Mumy)
Severed Dreams Expansion
Ranger. Religious Caste.. Must replace your Lennier, transferring all attached cards and marks. If you win an Intrigue conflict in which Ranger Lennier participated and was not neutralized, you may apply 6 influence after resolution to return the conflict to your hand. While Ranger Lennier is ready, he may take all damaged inflicted in an attack on any version of Delenn in her place. He then rotates.
Zathras Zathras
Neutral Character (signed by Tim Choate)
Psi Corps Expansion
Up to 12 Zathras cards may be in play at a time. May replace any Zathras you control. A replaced Zathras may return to play. If you replace a Zathras you may apply 3 influence to put the Zathras being replaced back in your hand. Rotate Zathras and target an enhancement that has been blanked. While Zathras remains rotated, the enhancement is not blanked.
Surprise Surprise
Printing Test Card
You may only play this card if your name appears in the credits for the Babylon 5 CCG. Ready all of your characters who are not participating in any conflict. Select any cards you wish from your deck and place them in your hand.

Premier Edition (12 cards)

Blessings Blessings
Play after any conflict during which Vorlon Rescue has been played. Babylon 5 gains 3 influence.
Bombing Run Bombing Run
Target a fleet that is supporting a conflict targeting a location. The fleet gains +5 Military for the rest of the turn.
Captain Pierce Captain Pierce
Human Character
Rotate Captain Pierce and declare a target Human character. That character is not neutralized if the fleet he is leading is neutralized.
Contact First Ones Contact First Ones
Participant Aftermath
Play only after the Great Machine conflict, if either you or Babylon 5 gained influence. Target one character with a Shadow Mark. Convert all the character's Destiny Marks to Doom Marks.
Cultural Connections Cultural Connections
Won Aftermath
Play on your ambassador after a successful conflict where you and another race both supported the conflict and the other race gained influence. Your ambassador may now sponsor characters of the other race at -2 influence cost.
Destined to Be Destined to Be
Target one player. Choose a type of conflict, and won or lost. You may play aftermath cards on the target player that match the selected condition during this turn's resolution round.
Destroy the Opposition Destroy the Opposition
Diplomacy Conflict
Characters of your race double their Diplomacy while participating in this conflict. If support exceeds opposition by at least your unrest times 5, reduce your unrest to 1. Otherwise, your unrest rises to 5. Other players may sponsor characters of your race at -1 influence cost for the rest of the game.
Doctor Franklin Doctor Franklin
Neutral Character
Any player may rotate Doctor Franklin as an action to heal any target character as if that character had rotated to heal. Doctor Franklin is discarded if Stephen Franklin is in play.
Lack of Direction Lack of Direction
Lost Aftermath
Target a supporting character who was damaged during the conflict. The character cannot become an Inner Circle character.
Monitored Deal Monitored Deal
Play before making a deal with another player. Rotate a character with Psi of 5 or more. If the deal is agreed upon by both players, then both players must honor the deal. If either player literally cannot honor the deal, he loses 2 influence.
Na'Toth (variant) Na'Toth (variant)
Narn Character
Narn Ambassador's Assistant. Na'Toth may replace Ko'Dath. Any fleet gains a Strife Mark while it is led by Na'Toth.
Suppress the Media Suppress the Media
Diplomacy Conflict
If successful, all other players must discard all Media cards they control.

Shadows Expansion (10 cards)

Deluxe Edition (3 cards)

Great War Expansion (10 cards)

Psi Corps Expansion (6 cards)

Severed Dreams Expansion (4 cards)

Wheel of Fire Expansion (1 card)

Flarn Flarn
Target a character. The effects of this event depend on the character's race. Minbari: Gain +1 to each ability until end of turn. Human: Rotate for no effect. Narn or Centauri: Take 1 point of damage. Non-Aligned (except Pak'ma'ra): target's controller must apply 1 influence (if possible).

Crusade Expansion (5 cards)

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