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1999 Western U.S. Regional Championships

The Western U.S. Regional Championships were held on June 26, 1999 at the Northwest Neighborhood Cultural Center in Portland, OR. There were 31 players in attendance, including players from as far north as Seattle, WA and as far south as Mountain View, CA. Here are some pictures from the event.

Before the tournament, we all stood in line for registration. At the registration desk (on the right) are Joey Ward and Andrew Heintz. The tournament was very well-balanced, and every player got his or her first choice of race.

Early round games yielded mixed results. While some games ended in short order (like the one on the left), most either ran to the 90 minute time limit or close to it.

The final table was intended to be a standard 5-player game. However, the first place Non-Aligned player (Jesika Davidson) was feeling ill, so she relinquished her position to the second place player. Well, what do you know? Two Non-Aligned players were tied for second place, so we ended up with a 6-player table. One of the Non-Aligned players (Chris Brazfield, at the end of the table on the left) was prepared, and quickly brought out Local Supremacy from his sideboard. Unfortunately (for him), he never achieved the military dominance he needed to really use it to best effect.

The players at the final table included (left, clockwise from upper left) Ben Hook as the Centauri, Sam Black as the Narn, Chris Brazfield as Non-Aligned, David Sisson as the Humans, Chris Cox as the Minbari, and Tim Kleczynski as the other Non-Aligned player (pictured above on the right). While the finals were being played, the other players got to interact in more social games (right).

Chris Brazfield, playing one of the Non-Aligned factions, uses Lethke Zum Bartrado's special ability. Which card would you steal? The Non-Aligned's Taking Credit, the Minbari's Taunts and Games, the Human's Bester, the Centauri's The Eye, or the Narn's Commerce Raiding? As it turns out, he took the Commerce Raiding, and the Taunts and Games was later used to return The Eye to the Centauri's hand.

After all was said and done, the Narn pulled out a victory by winning both an Annex Neutral World and a Show the Colors in a single round. The winning agenda was the all-powerful Build Infrastructure.

The 1999 West Region Champion:
Sam Black of El Sobrante, CA.

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