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1999 World Championships

The World Championships were held on October 8-10, 1999 in Aachen, Germany. Here's one player's account of the events. Each mention of a card in the following text is hyoerlink to the card's gallery entry. For clarity on this page, hyperlinks are not underlined, and appear in the same color as surrounding text. To do otherwise would be terribly distracting (as it was until I changed it).

The winning deck can be found here, and you can also see some pictures of players, rangers, and others.

World Championships Final Game

by David Sisson

Game Notes:

  • Each player, from top to bottom, was asked to choose his or her favorite ambassadors. The top scoring player got to choose his deck first, followed by everyone else.
  • The Human asks the Centauri to use his deck.
  • Everyone used the standard ambassadors (Delenn, G'Kar, Londo Mollari, Jeffrey Sinclair) and the Non-Aligned started with Vizak.
  • In the score summary chart, some of the power values are not known for the Humans as it would have been disruptive to check that information at the end of each round.

Notable Actions in each round:

Round One

Round Two

  • The Human plays a hidden agenda.
  • The Minbari sponsors a Minbari Agent.
  • Influence/power: C:7+0 H:5+0 M:6+0 N:6+0 NA:5+1

Round Three

  • The Minbari promotes the Minbari Agent.
  • Influence/power: C:9+0 H:7+0 M:7+0 N:8+0 NA:7+1

Round Four

  • The Non-Aligned finally promote the Brakiri Merchant.
  • Influence/power: C:10+0 H:9+0 M:10+0 N:9+0 NA:9+1

Round Five

Round Six

  • No conflicts are played this round. The Narn plays Commerce Raiding. The Centauri plays 2 Meditations and Lord Kiro, and gets The Eye.
  • The Non-Aligned sponsors Hedronn (surprising the Minbari) and use him to rotate Delenn (because he can).
  • Influence/power: C:12+0 H:10+0 M:10+0 N:11+0 NA:9+1

Round Seven

Round Eight

Round Nine

  • The Centauri thinks long and hard and decides to play Aggressive Action. He loses it because it is an Impasse round.
  • Influence/power: C:13+0 H:15+0 M:12+0 N:16+0 NA:10+1

Round Ten

Round Eleven

Influehce/Power Summary (by round)

Influence +/- Power for each Race
Race Round
0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11
Non-Aligned 4+0 5+1 5+1 7+1 8+1 9+1 9+1 10+1 10+1 10+1 11+0 14+0
Minbari 4+0 5+0 6+0 7+0 9+0 10+0 10+0 10+0 12+0 12+0 15+0 17+0
Human 4+0 5+0 5+0 7+0 9+0 9+0 10+0 12-1 15-1 15-1 18-1 21-0
Narn 4+0 5+0 6+0 8+0 10+0 10+0 11+0 13+0 16+0 16+0 18+0 20+0
Centauri 4+0 5+0 7+0 9+0 10+0 11+0 12+0 12+0 13+0 13+0 15+0 17+0
Babylon 5 4 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 4 4 4 4

Prizes (most of the following is from memory)

  • All players were given boosters from various sets including Deluxe, Shadows, Great War, and Psi Corps as well as a promo card of their choice.
  • Each participant at the final table was awarded one each of the current promo cards including the non-promo card Surprise. A new promo card, Secrets of Success, was among the cards distributed. This was before the final game even started.
  • The first place player was given blue proof sheets of all three of the signed Severed Dreams cards.
  • Each player at the final table was allowed to choose a signed card of their choice (the first place player was allowed to choose two).
  • Each player at the final table was allowed to choose from a group of boxes (and partial boxes) from various sets including Premier, Deluxe, and Psi Corps.
  • Each finalist that won a bye into the final round was awarded a non-playable promo card, Surprise. Most were surprised to get one.

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