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1999 World Championship Deck

Martin Franz has been kind enough to submit his world-winning Human deck. According to Matrin, it was first constructed and played in the German Championships by Peter Ender, with only minor changes.

Starting Hand

Jeffrey Sinclair
A Rising Power
Rapid Growth
Susan Ivanova


3x Affirmation of Power
2x Babylon 5 Fighters
2x Command Ship
1x Commander Ivanova
3x Conscription
3x Earth
1x Fleet of the Line
2x Frederick Lantz
3x Further Gains
1x Glitch
3x Hidden Treasury
3x Impasse
3x Insufficient Support
1x John Sheridan
2x Luis Santiago
3x Meditation
2x Miagi Hidoshi
2x Military Outpost
3x Not Meant to Be
3x Officer Exchange
1x Rally the People
2x Senator Voudreau
3x Short Term Goals
3x Test Their Mettle
3x We Are Not Impressed

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